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Re: Office Hours

Re: Office Hours

From: Robert Dick <dickrp_at_avoiding.spam>
Date: Sun Apr 06 2008 - 19:24:32 CDT

Maureen Gilmour:
> Have office hours been decided for tomorrow? Does anyone know?

I just posted them to the website. Bring your lab questions to class. I can
help during class. You will find that David has office hours after dinner.
He has done these labs before so he'll be able to help a lot. Neal has
experience with digital system prototyping and he will have a homework
session on Tuesday. You can ask lab questions during that session.

This week, I need to travel right after Monday's lecture and will be out of
town until Thursday. There will be no lecture on Wednesday but we will make
that up. I will run next Tuesday's lecture.

-Robert Dick-
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