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Re: HW question

Re: HW question

From: Neal Oza <nealoza_at_avoiding.spam>
Date: Fri Apr 11 2008 - 02:03:54 CDT

If I understand what you mean, then the answer to your question is "Yes, you
can use A and ~A simulatneously for this problem as separate inputs. You do
not need to show the inverter for A to make ~A". I hope this helps.

As a sidenote, when talking about Computer Engr, a Reg is a register, and
comp. tends to be used for Computer. This made your email a little
confusing initially. If you can please use symbols such as A and ~A in the
future, that will be more clear.

Thank you,

Neal N. Oza

On 4/11/08, Cetin Burge <> wrote:
> Ok so, here's the deal!
> Trying to understand what was meant in the last answer.. We have a nice
> little system, and this system will require comps of the inputs. Can we have
> both the regs ad comps at the same time, meaning, can we insert a reg and
> comp A at a TG at an instant?
> If not, this question is, unfortunately, impossible..
> Yay!

Neal N. Oza
Graduate Student Researcher
Northwestern University
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