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Problem with encoding lab

Problem with encoding lab

From: Robert Dick <dickrp_at_avoiding.spam>
Date: Tue Apr 15 2008 - 21:48:16 CDT

> Please disregard my last question, I long ago realized that the task that I
> mentioned earlier would be impossible to accomplish with only three signal
> wires, but just now read the line reading "given that only one button will
> be pressed at a time..."

Now I think I see what you were trying to do. You were trying to push 2^5
values down < log_2(2^5) wires when in fact you only need to push 6 values
down 3 wires. Is that right?

I am replying on the public list because others might be in the same jam and
this might save them a lot of trouble.

-Robert Dick-
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