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Subjects for midterm exam

Subjects for midterm exam

From: Robert Dick <dickrp_at_avoiding.spam>
Date: Wed Apr 30 2008 - 01:26:09 CDT

We have covered the following topics so far:
Switch model
CMOS implementation of basic gates, TGs, understanding their operation
Differences between PMOS and NMOS, and reason for difference
Boolean algebra and proofs
Minimization with Karnaugh Maps
Minimization with Quine-McCluskey, backtracking
Basic knowledge of TTL breadboard prototyping, use of logic probes
Gate based design
TG based design
Efficiently build with encoders, decoders, MUXs, and DMUXs
Number systems
Base conversions
Gray code, sign-magnitude, one's-complement, two's-complement
Ripple-carry adders/subtractors
Carry select adders
Latches and flip-flops (we just started on these)

The midterm exam will cover everything up to and including Monday's lecture.
On Wednesday, I will answer questions, review material, and cover more
material on stateful circuits if there is time.

Bring questions on Wednesday.

Best Regards,

-Robert Dick-
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