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Re: States

Re: States

From: Robert Dick <dickrp_at_avoiding.spam>
Date: Tue May 13 2008 - 21:41:24 CDT

Was there anything secret in this email? Why not use the list?

> Apparently, the states you have chosen is the best combination available
> (the ones that you wrote on the Lab assignment) and the others are ok, but
> not as good because the first press won't lead to A = 1 like yours.

I doubt my assignment is optimal. However, it is not bad.

> So I was just wondering, I guess we can't use yours, but what if we inverted
> the running order on the Karnaugh map we have drawn? I mean, currently your
> map is:
> \________
> | H A C B |
> |* F G E D |
> *Can we just make it
> \*
> * | H F D B |
> *| A G E C |**
> **
> *Because H is a perfect starting condition!
> I haven't tested this for efficiency yet, but if this will be ok, I'll be
> really glad!

You can use my state assignment. Are you just swapping variables? What is
your goal? Any state assignment will work as long as your state diagram is
correct. Some state assignments may be more efficient than others. I spent
some time trying different assignments to arrive at the one I suggested. You
can try the same thing if you want to understand state assignment well.

-Robert Dick-
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