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RE: CMOS handout

RE: CMOS handout

From: Byron Cheng <Byron_at_avoiding.spam>
Date: Sat May 24 2008 - 14:23:19 CDT

Mine works, but I didn't download the code, I just made the change in class
when David was going over it.

Michael: Perhaps you didn't install mplab with all the required components

Here were notes I took in class when David was going over steps to build and
debugger-select tool-mplab sim
view-watch-add porta, portc, portb
debugger-stimulus-new workbook
add ADCON1 to watch, change value to 07 (in code)
to reset-debugger-reset-processor reset
Maybe that will help a bit?

Byron Cheng

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Michael Chau:
> Ok, that's why. Do we have a button.asm code that assembles and simulates
> with MPLAB?

Class: If you have built button.asm using MPLAB, can you please post here?
was told by a few people that this worked fine but it is possible that the
change I made to fix the bug in the MPLAB simulator somehow broke the code.

Michael: Can you post the error message that the assembler gives?


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