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Class Suggestions

From: Jared Jenkins <jjenkins_at_avoiding.spam>
Date: Sat May 24 2008 - 20:22:44 CDT

I actually think it was beneficial to learn CMOS implementation because it
really tied in well with learning how to utilize boolean algebra and
Demorgan's law.

Another thing I also really liked was practice quizzes. You gave a practice
quiz during a class before the midterm and that was really a good way of
seeing where I stood in the class and what I needed to improve on. Often
with homework and labs, its not enough to really see how well you're
grasping the material. I turn in my homework, but I may not see the grade
right away and I may not seek out information when I get it back. I think
that more feedback in general is really essential to making sure that
everyone is on the same page. I feel like most people in any class think
that they understand something up, but they really don't believe it unless
they see what to do.

I also think it would be more helpful for the class to have more examples.
When you went over a full state machine implementation from states to gates,
I understood more about state machines than I had in a previous week of

As an aside, I really like this course. While it is challenging I feel like
I am learning more about computers everytime I got to class. I also really
like hearing about how this technology is actually implemented in more
complicated systems and in industry. Its nice to see that what I am learning
actually applies to the real world.


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