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Re: Using RRF

Re: Using RRF

From: Kenny Tay <kennytay2007_at_avoiding.spam>
Date: Mon May 26 2008 - 17:38:57 CDT

What I did was to just do a bit test on the last far right LED after rrf and
if it is a 1 then it would loop back to the first step where there's some
kinda delay and then light up the far left LED.

On 5/27/08, Walter Han <> wrote:
> Currently to rotate the LEDs I'm using the rrf command. Only thing though
> is that the sequence includes 00000000, whereas in the lab handout the
> sequence should loop back at 00000001 and not include the sequence of eight
> 0s. I was just wondering if this was alright, and if not, which probably is
> the case, how could i implement the sequence with rrf or some other command
> that doesn't include that sequence. Only way i can think of right now is
> just manually defining the sequence (i.e. movlw 0x80, movwf LED_REG, delay,
> movlw 0x40, movwf LED_REG, delay, etc).
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