Lecture notes

Packet oneAnimated Print versionIntroduction
Packet twoAnimated Print versionBasic building blocks: switches and transistors
Packet threeAnimated Print versionPrototyping
Packet fourAnimatedPrint version Switches, transistors, and Boolean algebra
Packet fiveAnimated Print versionSOP and Karnaugh maps
Packet sixAnimated Print versionPOS Karnaugh maps and Quine-McCluskey
Packet sevenAnimated Print versionQuine-McCluskey
Packet eightAnimatedPrint versionEncoders, decoders, multiplexers, and demultiplexers
Packet nineAnimated Print versionIntroduction to number systems
Packet 10AnimatedPrint version Arithmetic
Packet 11Animated Print versionIntroduction to sequential systems
Packet 12AnimatedPrint versionFinite state machines
Packet 14AnimatedPrint versionArchitecture, compilation, assembly

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