EECS 507 Lecture Material

Lectures Piazza Papers Description Times Schedule Canvas References

Topic Slides Paper slides Video Date
Course goals, organization, and logistics Slides Video 30 Aug.
From idea to publication and/or company and specification Slides Video 1 Sep.
Specification and modeling Slides Video 6 Sep.
Optimization 1 Slides Video8 Sep.
Embedded memory hieararchy 1 Student presentationVideo13 Sep.
Embedded memory hieararchy 2 and optimization 2 See 8 Sep. Student presentation Video15 Sep.
Sensow networks Student presentation Video20 Sep.
Optimization, scheduling See 8 Sep. Student presentation Video22 Sep.
Scheduling, power Slides Student presentation Video 27 Sep.
Power, thermal, reliability Slides See 27 Sep. 29 Sep.

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