This is the first (0.9) release of the Embedded System Synthesis Benchmarks Suite (E3S), largely based on data from the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC). This benchmark suite was designed for use in embedded systems synthesis research. In particular, it was designed for use in automated system-level allocation, assignment, and scheduling research. It contains 17 processors, e.g., the AMD ElanSC520, Analog Devices 21065L, the Motorola MPC555, and the Texas Instruments TMS320C6203. These processors are characterized based on the measured execution times of 47 tasks, power numbers derived from processor datasheets, and additional information, e.g., die sizes, some of which were necessarily estimated, and prices gathered by emailing and calling numerous processor vendors. In addition, E3S contains communication resources modeling a number of different busses, e.g., CAN, IEEE1394, PCI, USB 2.0, and VME. Our task sets follow the organization of the EEMBC benchmarks. There is one task set for each of the five application suites: automotive/industrial, consumer, networking, office automation, and telecommunications.

Please download e3s-0.9.tar.gz or e3s-0.9.tar and have a look at the README file to get started. Contact me if you have suggestions for improvements.

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