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Re: Lab 1 Grades

Re: Lab 1 Grades

From: Robert Dick <dickrp_at_avoiding.spam>
Date: Thu Apr 10 2008 - 16:53:26 CDT

> Several folks had questions about whether or not the schematics need to be
> labeled with the IC pin numbers. I'll need to get Prof. Dick to clarify
> whether it is required, but you'll probably want to do that regardless to
> help ensure mistake-free wiring. Finding mixed-up wires using the logic
> probe is extremely tedious; it's much easier to work slowly, work
> carefully, and do it right the first time.

Pin numbers on the schematic diagram are required, as is a letter associating
each gate with an integrated circuit. This is necessary to allow the design
to be reproduced precisely, and to simplify debugging. Please see lecture
packet 3 for examples.

> Alot of people had trouble with the DIP switch package not staying in the
> breadboard. Your pack of ICs included a 24-pin socket intended for use
> with the DIP switch. Plug this into the breadboard and then the DIP switch
> into the socket. You'll have to push pretty hard to get the switch into
> the socket.

This question came up on Monday in class, too. Use the socket only for the
switches dual in-line package (DIP). It isn't necessary for the other
integrated circuits.

> If you need more wire, feel free to take what you need from the spools in
> CG30 (on the bookshelf in the southwest corner). I believe that you can
> get in there during the day through CG24 (Albert Lyerla's office). If not,
> one of the TAs can let you in.

Be sure to cut with the cutting portion of the wire strippers, and not with
the stripping portion. You don't need to take a lot of wire. You will be
able to get more when you need it.

> Start the next lab early. Not only is the wiring much more complex, but
> you also have to design the logic itself before you can even begin wiring.
> There are office hours Monday evening, so be sure to start the lab by/over
> the weekend.

David is right. I have one last comment on lab 2. When doing lab 2, leave
enough space on the breadboard for lab 3. After finishing lab 2, do not
unwire it. Lab 3 builds upon lab 2.

-Robert Dick-
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