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Re: Printing SIS Output

Re: Printing SIS Output

From: Yu, Ren Chung <rc_at_avoiding.spam>
Date: Wed Oct 29 2008 - 21:58:52 EDT

Myke, I already drew the XOR using the combination of basic gates (I put a
box around them so that we'll know it's an XOR). Do you want me to change it
to just an XOR gate?


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Subject: Re: Printing SIS Output

> Carissa Black:
>> When drawing the diagrams are we supposed to use the script file outputs
>> to
>> figure out which of the library gates mentioned in the lab packet (and,
>> or,
>> nand, nor, xor, xnor, aoi, oai) to use or simply implement the gates like
>> it says to in the output of the script file.
>> For example: gate "2310" has a script output of 0= !(1A*1B+!1A*!1B)
>> should
>> we draw an XOR or just use ands, ors and an inverter? or is either way
>> fine?
> Please draw and XOR in that case. For each gate you can draw a single
> symbol.
> Some of the gates may be AOIs (and-or-inverters) or OAIs
> (or-and-inverters)
> in some of your designs.
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> -Robert Dick-
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