EECS 507 Schedule

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Date Topic
30 Aug. Course goals, organization, and topics.
1 Sep. From ideas to publication and/or company and product specifications.
6 Sep. Specification.
8 Sep. Optimization.
13 Sep. Memory hierarchies and optimization.
15 Sep. Memory hierarchies and optimization.
20 Sep. Vibration sensing and optimization.
22 Sep. Scheduling and RTOSs.
27 Sep. Power, temperature and reliability.
29 Sep. Wireless sensor networks.
4 Oct. Wireless networks.
6 Oct. Efficient automated driving.
11 Oct. Wireless security.
13 Oct. Autonomous driving.
20 Oct. Reliability and review.
25 Oct. Midterm exam.
27 Oct. Embedded ML intro.
1 Nov. Embedded ML intro. (continued)
3 Nov. Foundations of ML
17 Nov. Devices and circuits for ML

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