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Re: HW Problem 2

Re: HW Problem 2

From: Jared Jenkins <jjenkins_at_avoiding.spam>
Date: Thu May 15 2008 - 22:45:54 CDT

Thats not what I meant, sorry. I meant the output (the LED lights) of the
machine is not a function of the inputs, just the state. I am really
wondering which inputs we need to look at for our transitions. For our lab
we only cared about the input M, but with this problem their three variables
L, R, and E or you can look at A and B. I am not sure which we are supposed
to look at for the state transitions.



On 5/15/08, Robert Dick <> wrote:
> Jared Jenkins:
> > In problem 2, the machine is a Moore machine so it can not depend on the
> > inputs. But I'm not really sure how to display the correct output though
> > because many sequences share the same states. Anyone got any ideas?
> Moore machine state transistions do depend on inputs.
> Best Regards,
> -Robert Dick-

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